evolve your understanding of what it means to be healthy


your understanding of what it means to be healthy


the body’s innate healing response

evoke the body’s innate healing response
explore new tools and ideas


new tools and ideas


Free NLS Classes

I offer free introductory and interactive classes monthly! For samples of my free classes click here.  Register in my class schedule to join an upcoming free class. Follow me on my YouTube, twitch.tv and Twitter channels to be automatically notified of live classes and participate through chat.

Free Podcasts

Listen to my free podcast series where I interview leading global NLS experts about upcoming trends and developments in the NLS technology.

Training Subscriptions

I’m a dealer and a trainer for Biostar. I will continue to offer a free NLS class once monthly and be broadcasting to Facebook and YouTube. People can sign up for free classes from Facebook or through this website. All other BioResHealth training will now be offered through Biostar University, via their APX/AMS subscriptions.

APX will offer the BERA certification for $100/month and AMX will offer CHNC certification for $300/month. All training will be at biostarschool.com and people can sign up and pay here. For APX/AMS classes, people will be notified via TELEGRAM and will sign up through biostarschool.com.

It has taken me a lot of time to become proficient and I keep learning. These are devices that REQUIRE training. You cannot be proficient with them unless you have the knowledge and experience of the software, how the conditions present themselves, and how to best handle them.

If you are interested in the technology or already have an NLS device, this is the best way to learn how to use them. I have 5+ years of experience on these devices and 100s of hours of scans under my belt.

Personalized Training

One-hour and two-hour one-on-one personalized training sessions may be purchased and scheduled as needed.