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Free NLS and Rife Classes

Free intro interactive classes monthly! For samples of my free classes click here. Check my free class schedule for a list of upcoming free classes. Follow me on my YouTube,, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels to be automatically notified of live classes and participate over chat.


Listen to my free podcast series where I interview leading global NLS experts

Training Subscriptions

I also offer training subscriptions for Vector, Metapathia, and Rife. If you are a Vector subscriber you will get free software upgrades and updates, and join a community of novices to experts and share your learning experiences and participate in scan me sessions where we use your NLS in class to scan you, and we all learn together!


To find upcoming classes click on classes or use  the menu at the top of your screen

One on One Training and NLS Certification

If you want advanced training and certification personalized training I will work with you one on one to train. At the end of 20 hours of training you will receive a certificate.

How does NLS Work?

Nonlinear Scanning is a non-invasive complementary medical analysis system that scans, analyzes, and depicts the current energetic state of organs, tissues, and cells.  It can then help to restore that energetic balance!

This technology was developed as part of the Russian space program to test the health of astronauts before they went into space.